Tuesday, August 11, 2009

it's my birthday woo and a hooo

I la la love birthdays. Just got this cute as a button email this morning from my mum and step-dad with birthday pics of me from, gulp, forty years ago. Must say though, I still experience the same excitement and joy as I did in that bottom pic!

We started off the days with lovely, lovely pressies {a dovecote! my fave lipstick! old-fashioned cake cookbook! french monogramed tea towel and a whopping great rose picture bursting with red and pink roses - vintage - and looking spectacular on my bedroom wall!} A bowl of coffee, toast with blood orange jam and lots of cuddles made the morning even more special.

So today, I'll take it easy. I'm catching up with a friend for coffee mid-morning, and tonight we're hitting our favourite French bistro for dinner. I do believe I'll just spend the day doing my nails, popping on a facemask and kicking back and reading some of my birthday cookbooks. Bliss!


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fab day - it's no wonder we share a love of pork - it's my birthday in a few days time too! X

  2. Thanks Beth, oh, and I made the most fabbo pork belly after reading your blog the other day - and thought of you with every bite of crackling! Mmmmm.

  3. Happy Birthday My Dear Mate.

    Thinking of You.


  4. Today is something even MORE FANTASTIC than just your birthday! It's my one year anniversary of reading your blog!!!! LOL! That's my long distance gift to you (sorta- just go with it), but yes, the first blogs of yours I read were last year on your birthday! Cheers to the years gal! Muah! Happy Birthday!

  5. Oh Bless Sara Rose - how exciting - our anniversary!! Thank you for the birthday love. And thanks Grey for the kind wishes x

  6. Happy Birthday! Hope it's been a goody. x

  7. Happy birthday! Sounds like a lovely day.

  8. Face mask, I totally need one of those.

    Hope you had a really fab day.

    xx NJ

  9. I am a couple of days late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


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