Monday, August 03, 2009

move-it monday

Starting the week optimistically I've decided to give the house a quick run-over {rapid tidy, vacuum, wash sheets} and then start work. Seriously.

I'm uber-motivated today as I've got the world's cleanest kitchen. Truly, I don't know when it's ever been this tidy. There's nothing superfluous on any surface, and all of those surfaces are sparkling clean. It's an anomaly for me - but I like it. I've had enough of no room being completely finished - there's always something marring the lines, so last night, before bed, I cleaned like a demon. This morning, I've made porridge, rinsed out the pot and everything's in the dishwasher ready to go. I'm just about to head in there for my morning coffee {my reward after vacuuming} and reckon I'll just about explode with joy at the pristine surfaces.

Of course I'll have to walk past the other rooms with rose-coloured blinkers on - but that's okay...

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