Wednesday, August 05, 2009

oh, NOW i get it

On the weekend we were at an appliance store, one staffed by youths, toddlers and embyros {so young that I'm thinking, as IF I'm going to take your advice...} and as I was fondling a 900mm freestanding oven {ah, desire...} one of the wee babes came over to me and started spruiking his wares. In a rather learned manner. This lad, with his crazy hair, knew his stuff.

So I listened up as he waxed on about the virtues of this hulking great cooking beast and told me that "Smeg are one of the few ovens to actually hold a true temperature, so when you're following a recipe you normally have to turn the temperature down 10 or 20 degrees to compensate for the other, lesser ovens."


I have a Smeg. A Smeg I've complained about since I bought it as it's too hot. I never cook with fan-forced and I now turn the temperature down somewhat just to stop burning. I've been hating on my oven FOR ACTUALLY BEING EFFECTIVE.

I'm sorry oven. Now that I know that you're cooking true I'll happily slide the dial down a few degrees and take the time to get to know you. I'll also remove the 'apparently removable' glass in the door and clean the inside of the triple layers of glass - rather than fruitlessly scrubbing the already clean exposed glass and complaining that I can't see through it.

Thank you young lad for informing me so well about my current oven - which the older salesman who sold me the product neglected to do.

Oh, Gen Y, I'm sorry for judging. And oven, my apologies - now I know that you're just smoking hot... and that's a good thing x

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  1. oh yes, you gotta love a SMEG! I ♥ ours and thanks for the info on the glass..I had no idea! and I do tend to turn it down a touch, now I understand why.
    thanks for your I get it too!!


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