Wednesday, August 26, 2009

oooh venizia

My love for Paris has another rival, Venice. We spent four glorious days there a few years ago, and feel like I'd barely skimmed the surface. This shoot by Karl Lagerfeld has me scheming to return to the grand canal. I'd like to actually visit the Guggenheim, rather than just viewing it from a vaporetto. Next time I'll hunt down more intricate laneways and explore every canal.

Can you see I've got the travel bug? Best start saving, I can feel a European sojourn coming on.


  1. Oh my the Guggenheim there is amazing. AMAZING. They have these beautiful little gardens filled with Giacometti sculptures....oh now I have the bug too. And I think it can only be filled with a trip to NY. Your post earlier....SIGH...

  2. Oh Venice is sososososoosoo amazing. I've got the travel bug to return back to Paris, as always, New York, as always, but most especially to return to Vienna. I love Vienna more than I can even say. I also need to explore Greece- desperately, passionately. I want greece to be my lover.


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