Wednesday, August 12, 2009

what's cookin' wednesday

Hmmmmm, let's see what's on the menu this week. Must say that last night's dinner of duck confit will be damned difficult to top - but I'll see if I can still come up with some tasty options.

Wednesday: Nigella's meatballs and rice from her Feast cookbook - a mightly fine b'day pressie
Thursday: Rosé chicken with walnut and greens salad
Friday: dinner at a friend's house. Woo hoo.
Saturday: We've got a christening and a lunch during the day, so something simple. Curry in the slow cooker me-thinks.
Sunday: Seven-hour roast lamb and baked vegies
Monday: pork cutlets, sweet potato bake and cavalo nero {black cabbage - with speck!}
Tuesday: baked marinated salmon with home-made salt and rosemary chips and salad


  1. And in honor of your birthday (even though I am a day late) for lunch today I had a roast pork roll, with squished pumpkin, gravy and let's not forget the SLICE OF CRACKLE down the middle thrown in for good measure. One word: delicious. And Happy Birthday.


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