Wednesday, August 26, 2009

what's cookin' wednesday

This week I'm excited by the arrival of warmer weather {aside from the current crazy wind situation!}. Last night I cooked crispy skin salmon with salad and it was just utter spring perfection {in late winter...}. Here's what else we're having.

Wednesday: Pork cutlets with gremolata and panko crumbs with a pumpkin, almond and spinach salad.
Thursday: St Tropez chicken {which I'm actually going to cook this week - I'm buying the chicken today to marinate tonight in rosé, honey, mixed herbs and lavender flowers and then roasting it for 90 mins. Mmmmm}
Friday: Beef and cashew stirfry with noodles
Saturday: some kind of take-away, we're heading to Sydney for the day to shop for our daybed for the pavillion - roll on summer!
Sunday: Roast butterflied lamb and salad
Monday: home-made pizza
Tuesday: steak and salad

Oh, and that little table vignette above? One night our gal cooked dinner for us and set the table just so. Cute huh!

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