Tuesday, August 25, 2009

white out

Okay, I'm tempting fate and am switching from flannelette sheets to cotton - in AUGUST! So I dug my white cotton sheets out of the linen closet - ready to hang them out to get a little sunshine in them, when I realised that the damned things have yellowed over winter*. What the hell?

So now they're in the wash before I hang them out. Luckily it's a hot-ish, windy day - perfect drying weather. If all else fails I'll lay them on the grass in the courtyard to sun - apparently that's a surefire way to keep whites white - who knew? Although with this crazy wind they'd end up blowing into the next suburb!

Now I'm sitting here, listening out for the rinse cycle to start so I can sprinkle some lavender oil in the water. Oh, sweetly-scented dreams you're heading my way.

* Hurrah for sunshine - the yellow's been bleached out and they're looking pristine and snow-like again after only an hour on the line! Seriously, line drying - it's the best!!


  1. There's nothing better than the smell of fresh clean sheets off the line!

  2. It's undoubtedly my favourite scent - and I loooooove scents!


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