Sunday, September 13, 2009

baby, it's hot outside

So, we didn't really have a winter in Aus this year, and it looks like our spring's more of a summer. Today it's meant to be 27 degrees, and when I was out giving the trees by the pool a drink, I think I built up a quick tan.

I had a lovely surprise last night. Because our gal was having a sleepover, my dear darling husband booked a harbourside table at one of our favourite restaurants, Silo. It's a gorgeous place on the Newcastle foreshore, with stunning decor, knowledgeable staff, yummy cocktails and great food.

Because I was in a classic mood I went with a cosmopolitan before the meal, you know, to celebrate the fact they're shooting SATC 2... No, I just think that a cosmo is the perfect cocktail.

Then we shared a baguette with dips while we chatted and then I was entranced by the duck confit, with puy lentils and carrot puree (I know, Sara Rose!) while my lovely man had beef cheeks with potato rosti and spinach I do believe.

We rounded off the night with creme brulee and fresh strawberry icecream with pistachio biscotti and wandered on home.


Today, Matt's out working in the garden again, and I'm writing in my study until it's time to bake the red velvet cupcakes to take to my gal's netball team party. Should be a fun day - especially if we've got sea breezes to cool us all down.


  1. Now that sounds like a wonderful evening... can't wait 'til we can offload the offspring!!

  2. Absolutely - when they're old enough to have sleepovers at a trusted friend's it's just the ideal form of babsitting - no payment, no guilt!


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