Thursday, September 03, 2009

bite of bliss

I don't have a lot to thank my maternal grandfather for, he really wasn't that great a person... However, I shall always be thankful for two things.

1. I seem to have inherited his baby skin - I swear his first wrinkle appeared when he was in his 60s, so I shan't be needing botox anytime in the future.

And 2. He grew the best darned tomatoes in the world. Even now I can still taste the most perfect snack ever: slices of fresh, ruby red tomato on buttered Sao biscuits, with lashings of salt and pepper. Only slightly bettered by fresh white bread, buttered, and generously laden with slices of tomatoes, salt and pepper.

My husband and daughter aren't keen on tomatoes, probably because they never tasted my pop's. If they had, they too, like me, would be on the ever elusive hunt for the perfect tomato.

I reckon that when my vegie garden's in full swing I'll have found it. I'm going to hunt through every heirloom seed company's stock till I find the perfect beefstock tomato - and force my family to try a taste of heaven...


  1. OMG, that's a bloody huge tomato! Have you tried I just received my seed order from them and am just itching to plant them!

    I seem to remember them having quite a large range of heirloom tomatoes.

    Oh, and piss right off for the baby skin.

    Signing off,
    Wrinkled Old Bag

  2. Nearly spat my coffee over my screen at your closing words! However, baby skin means dead-oily so pimples up to 40 - does that help?

    I'll have to check out selectorganics- thanks for the tip!


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