Friday, September 04, 2009

fabulous friday

Cor blimey Charlie, it's the start of another weekend. Okay, now seriously, did this week just zoom by at a super-dooper speed, or was that just me?

It's grey and drizzly today, not how I like to start my weekends - but the garden could do with a soak, so shan't complain...

We've set the daybed up in the pavilion now and as soon as the sun comes out and makes it look all photo-shoot ready I'll nip up and start snapping away.

I'm already planning my summer's entertaining. And how cute is this idea for holding water? We've got the champagne fridge in the pavilion, and I must say that water consumption is always secondary when it comes to the choice of champagne bubbles or l'aqua. However, don't you think that a vessel like this would make water seem like the chic-est choice?


  1. You have a champagne fridge in your pavilion? No wonder your Friday's are fabulous! Are there any vacancies in the pavilion during the summer period?

  2. yes, technically it's a bar-fridge, but let's call it what it really is!

    Now the daybed's in I'm considering moving in full-time, but I'm sure there's space...


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