Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a few of my favourite things

My gal
In Paris
On a carousel
Riding a horsie that goes up and down
At the foot of le tour Eiffel
Wearing her cute kitty sunglasses bought at a market in South West France
The antique option in iPhoto
Dreaming of revisiting...


  1. Oh now I am all nostaglic for Paris! I have such a memory of meeting Daisy under the tower on a late Saturday afternoon last December in the freeeeeeezing cold. Rob and I had spent the day together (as you do) sans child and then my sister and Mum and Daise met us and we wandered back to our apartment in the late afternoon sunshine. No better place.

  2. I spent my life wallowing in nostalgia for Paris...

    Glad I could help take you back too x


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