Wednesday, September 23, 2009

isn't it ironic

So, the other day I'm putting away some DVDs and noticed how awfully dusty the tv cabinet was, "Oh, well" I thought. "I'm pretty flat-out at the moment, the dusting will have to wait." Well obviously mother nature didn't agree with me as now the dust storm is finally starting to settle and I'll be doing a helluva lot of dusting if I'd like to breathe easily in the next few days.

This pink duster would help...


  1. No my dear there can never be enough Mary Janes.

    I have a brown pair on right now :).


  2. This just has been NO good for a nesting clean freak woman like me. I am DESPERATE to clean but haven't had a spare second. Our house is old too and dust has come in everywhere. Tomorrow I am taking on dessert storm and taking no prisioners!


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