Friday, September 18, 2009

mmmmm frock treatment

I went shopping with my step-mother today. I had $100 burning a hole in my wallet since my birthday and was keen to buy a frock or two. She was also keen to buy me the odd item of clothing for Christmas {yes, way early - but they live in Qld, I live in NSW...}

So, we hit Westfield and I decided to see if Target was living up to its ads. Oh my lord YES! Now, as a disclaimer - these frocks above aren't mine {although, after watching Adam and the Ants vid Prince Charming on YouTube yesterday I'm kinda getting a piratey vibe} - mine are all shades of fabulous. And. Twenty Per Cent OFF!

With my hundred I bought a fabulous peacock patterned maxi dress - perfect for working in and attending summer drinks, a pretty dove grey and black dress with a shocking pink sash and a cheapo pair of big black sunnies - and $6 change.

Then, my stepmother bought me two dresses and skirt, for just over $100. One dress was black with white polka dots, the other a brilliant shade of blue, and the skirt a long, black and white number. I love Target - and I love their 20 per cent off sales even more. Those frocks will do me right through this summer, and the next, and probably the one after. I'll be dressing them up, down and sideways with beads, wedges, pretty havaianas.

Soooooooo happy.

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  1. L-O-V-E Target. I wanna see the peacock frock, I love any and all things peacocks in fashion! I'd say at least 1/3 of my wardrobe is from there. This summer I've been living in two maxis I got there this summer.


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