Monday, September 28, 2009

monday's menu

After another week of no menu-planning it's time to step up. This week I'm all inspired by Nigella. Tonight's dish is based on one I saw her whipping up on one of her programs... and looks delish. Here's what we're eating

Monday Slow roasted lamb shoulder and macaroni casserole {recipe to come}
Tuesday Chicken pot pies
Wednesday Prosciutto-wrapped pork with braised red cabbage and roasted veg
Thursday Beef curry, spinach and rice
Friday Oven-roasted salmon, lemon potatoes and salad
Saturday Beef curry in the slow cooker
Sunday Pork roast with veg


  1. I really need to get back into making pot pies. We're all big fans here but for some reason I never make them. God I love Nigella. Was watching her this weekend and nearly busted my head against the tele when she made a fatoush salad.

  2. I LOVE that salad. Love Nigela - and chickened out of pot pies- her recipe is stupidly simple - think i'll make it tomorrow night. Mmmmmmm


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