Monday, September 14, 2009

party time, excellent

Well, a most excellent weekend was topped off by a fantastic party yesterday afternoon. It was the end-of-season party for my lil netball team and was utterly brilliant. One of the mum's generously hosted it at her spectacular home and her daughter had planned every minute with fun and games for the girls.
They had a lolly hunt, bobbed for apples, had a dance-off, played with glowsticks when the sun went down - it was brilliant. The highlight was the awards they'd devised for all the players - very funny, appropriate and cute! They also gave me the most magnificent coaching pressie - a gift voucher to Newcastle's best restaurant - and one I've been dying to dress up for - Bacchus.

I'm going to do all it takes to get my team back together again and coach them next year. They are a truly special group of girls and I love them all to bits.

Busy monday again today, but I've already got it and achieved the hardest tasks first. I think swallowing my fear and making myself do something first up {before even reading any blogs! Gasp!!} could be the key to success. With one success under my belt I'm feeling positive that the whole day's going to cruise along swimmingly.


  1. Wow! That post is simply glowing with positive energy!

    What exciting thing did you do even before blogs? Sounds most myterious and I hope the rest of the week does indeed continue on a high!

  2. Thanks oh sparkly one. I'm a writer, and I tend to go for the positive in everything I write - can't see the point otherwise.
    I normally ease myself into my working day by reading blogs to get me in the mood, but today, I dived straight into finding subjects for a story I'm writing so had to call a few places in New Zealand (and I loathe making phone calls...) Reality's far duller than what you can imagine isn't it!

  3. goodluck with your week, hope it's as great as your weekend..and those gorgeous cupcakes. :)


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