Monday, September 21, 2009

planetary pandemonium

Ordinarily I tend to not pay an enormous amount of attention to astrology and such - except for one thing - Mercury Retrograde. During this phase things tend to go awry. Communications will tend to become muddled and confused, and, if a piece of technology decides to go on the fritz, chances are it'll be when this planet's retrograde.

So far I've dealt okay with this cycle. Sure, people haven't responded to my emails, communication's been odd to say the least and my husband has misinterpreted around 1/4 of what I've been saying.

But, nothing toooooo bad has happened, and I've been counting down the days till it finishes.

So today, I notice that the timer on my oven is stuck in place, won't go forwards, won't go back. And my oven won't work unless you set the timer. Damn. I call the service centre where I'm informed they'll come out for $100 payable even if I don't go ahead with their quote - which may be quite high. Double damn.

Then, tonight, I'm running the dishwasher when I realise that an odd number is flashing. Checking the manual I see it's a doozy and that I have to turn off the stopcocks {the wah?} and hope it stops the fan noise. It doesn't so I turn off the power to the dishwasher and resign myself to another service call - from a different company {smeg stove, miele dishwasher - both around 5 years old, outta warranty of course). Triple damn...

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