Friday, September 11, 2009

rose tinted attitude

It would be impossible not to feel pretty in such a pink bathroom. Imagine how gorgeous your complexion would look diffused by the rosy hue of these walls...

I'm in a rosy frame of mind - trying to view the world in a more positive slant, and it's working. I'm getting through all the work I need to. I vacuumed my house before I tripped over a dust bunny and broke a hip. My kitchen bench is, well, okay...

Now I'm just psyching myself up to make a few phonecalls. I need two more interview subjects to complete a story, one's organised, the other not. I've got till Tuesday, so it's not like I'm frantic.

So what I'll do is go hang my washing in the spring sunshine. Step out the front and inhale a few breaths of the wonderful wisteria cloaking my veranda, wash my hair and then, boom, pick up that phone and dial and dial until I've got what I need.

Happy Friday everyone x


  1. Gimme now. I need to take a cue from you and maintain a more positive mind set. Im positively a grump today. Maybe I need to make something chocolate-y.

  2. I've been awfully grumpy - and it doesn't help anyone - especially me!


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