Saturday, September 12, 2009

spring fling

What a weekend. It's hot and the scent of summer's on the breeze. We spent the night at my in-law's last night, had a delish meal of quiche and salad, chatted, slept in, then woke to a damn fine breakfast. We slowly made our way to our favourite nursery, Heritage Gardens at East Maitland, had coffee and flicked through the range of amazing books and mags on offer at The Garden Table cafe, and bought some herbs and lettuce to plant in the window boxes outside the kitchen window. That's my vegie garden, until I have a real one.

We could have gone crazy spending up on spring colour, but were restrained and waited till we came home and worked out exactly what we need to fill each space.

Our gal's gone to her bestie's for another sleepover, I'm working on another story due Tuesday, and husband's out cleaning the side fence ready to paint the palings charcoal. What a fine backdrop that'll provide to a hedge and the vegie garden.

Meanwhile, I leave you with these fabulous parrot tulips - aren't they just delicious? I found them at and could have just dived into my monitor with all the gorgeousness they have on offer...


  1. Wasnt it supposed to be winter like a month ago there? Are your seasons on speed? My word! How fun!

  2. Yes, apparently we've gone dead-off winter over here. Twas so mild I only wore my coat once - and that was at night and more because I love the glamorous fur collar than for the fact it was truly frosty!


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