Wednesday, September 16, 2009

victoriana vogue

When my main squeeze {well, my only squeeze} took me out for dinner the other night I wore a long black frock, many beads and a seriously sexay pair of heels. But you know what? I think I was the only gal about town not flashing a serious expanse of thigh - some dresses were totally crotchtacular...

I like a long frock, and this number here by One Vintage is especially droolworthy. Can't you see it with layers of long cream and jet beads a la Coco Chanel?

Le swoooooooooooooon.


  1. That is one gorgeous dress!
    Not into the crotch highlighting dresses AT ALL! Maybe if I had great legs though...

  2. I never wear dresses that are insanely short. Less is more.


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