Wednesday, September 23, 2009

well fine then

Okay, so yesterday I complained about the windy weather and today, the wind's decided to up it a notch and hand over the worst dust storm in NSW since the 1940s.


I woke to a red armageddon sky and the sensation of dust tickling my tonsils - and the day has tended to worsen. 100+ year-old houses have their joys, but they tend to have the odd gaps where dust can creep in - even with the windows tightly closed. So I'm sitting with a tissue over my nose in an attempt to breathe.

My gal's stayed home from school, it's not worth taking her out in this crazy climactic condition. Hubby's been called home to bring me some ventolin - as, of course, I'm out of the stuff.

Seriously, how do people in the outback cope with these things?

Let's hope tomorrow brings clearer conditions. And less whinging from me.

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