Tuesday, September 22, 2009

wild n windy

It's a crazy windy day outside at the moment. Not quite Wizard Of Oz-esque - but damned close.

The sky's grey, leaves and grasses are being whipped through the air and the trees are scratching on my windows and clawing at the tin roof.

Sadly I think it's going to blow the last of the petals from the wisteria. It was a short season, but boy, was it spectacular.

I'm drowning my sorrows today, well, I'm attempting to drown my sore throat at least. I'm now onto my fourth litre of water - and still feel I'm dying of thirst. But then, as only hypochondriacs can, I worry that if I keep on drinking I'll drown myself from the inside out. Hmmm, might wait a bit for that next glass of water...

Apart from that, I've been productive - despite wanting to huddle in bed sipping honey and lemon drinks. Maybe once I've done the ballet drop-off at 4pm I can snuggle back into bed.


  1. Gosh, we have the same weather here too. Blegh. What unfun, at least it's good for tea and toast, right?

  2. We're now in the middle of a dust storm. Woke to a red dawn and now, at 8am it's orange and tres spooky. Keeping the gal home from school at this point!


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