Friday, September 11, 2009

wisteria's wow factor

My wisteria's nearly completely out - so I thought that rather than just selfishly inhaling its delicate aroma, I'd snap another shot to share with you.

That big ball of foliage is a murraya, and its orange-blossom fleurs are just starting the dot the sphere. To the right of the stairs is a gorgeous gardenia - so as you can imagine, we're surrounded by scents throughout the seasons.

My husband's keen to prune the murraya slightly smaller, so we can have a hedge of lavender around the base which suits me just fine. Lavender grows beautifully in our front yard and seems to flower nearly year-round, so who can complain?

I do have quite a grey and purple theme going on with the house, but don't fret - there's plenty of colour pops. Underneath our baywindow, to the right of the house is the lavender garden with the Graham Thomas rose whose big show-off yellow blooms have just started to burst forth.

Along the front picket fence are alternate roses of pink and red - my all-time favourite combination. All scented, all blowsy, all earning their keep.

Who couldn't love spring when it puts on such a show?


  1. Oh, how insanely jealous of your wisteria am I? It's utterly perfect, and I agree the lavender would look fabulous under there as well.

  2. It's amazing isn't it? I'm glad the previous owners planted it, I can't say that I'd be bothered with the years of training they require before being blooming perfect!


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