Sunday, October 18, 2009

and I'm back

Well, we're back home after THE most relaxing holiday ever. I'm soooo chilled, I'm positively frosty. We were lucky to go away with the perfect family to holiday with - and that put us all in the holiday spirit immediately. Combine that with a beautiful house in the most amazing location {pics and details to come this week: promise!}, gorgeous experiences, great shopping and mucho delish champagne, wine and food and you've got one very chilled out blogger...

I'm determined to hold onto this relaxed frame of mind and not allow stress to take hold of me again. I've unpacked mine and my daughter's bags, will fling on a load of washing later on, and will soon go to the supermarket to buy the makings for an easy, light meal {after eating confit duck three times this last week and consuming my bodyweight in champagne - light is essential!}

So, what's new? Am dying to immerse myself in blogs - but am saving that pleasure till tomorrow. Until then xx


  1. Welcome back! Sounds like quite a fabulous break - am very jealous! So what's been happening? NOTHING! I bet you thought FOR SURE there would be a babe yes? NON NON NON. Am slightly cranky. Send some relaxed chilled vibes down this Sydney way would you?! Ease into the working day and week x


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