Saturday, October 10, 2009

cor blimey charlie

I swear that I walk out of a clean and tidy room, enter two minutes later and it's a disaster! I've almost finished all the writing I need to do before I leave, but am now looking at the state of the house and feeling like tearing out my hair {that'd save on touching up the roots at least...}

We've got a housesitter coming in to look after the cat and water the plants while we're gone and before she arrives on Monday morning we need to tidy every single room, wash three sets of sheets, wash a huge load of dark clothing, give the bathroom a spit and polish and sweep all the dirt and stuff that's blown into the pavilion with all this wind!

Hubby's out giving the 1920s french wire furniture on the front veranda a coat of paint at the moment {so they're ready for my cream and pale blue toile cushions - can't wait to post the end result for you!}, our gal's just been reunited with her bestie who's been away for a week, and I'm here blogging about all I've got to do.

Think we'll have lunch and I'll get stuck into the kitchen, wash the dark clothes, the move my way through the house from back to front.

Do you think a pretty frilly apron will help get me in the mood?

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