Sunday, October 11, 2009

don't leave me this way...

I used to think that losing a 'friend' on facebook was the most frustrating thing. I'd spend ages working out who it was, considering 'why' they'd dumped me and just generally fretting till I just decided to get over it.

Then I started tweeting and realised that plenty of people follow you just so you'll follow them, and when you don't, they stop following you. Weird. So people dumping me on twitter? Don't care in the slightest.

Now I've got a new one - followers who stop following my blog :(

What did I say, do, not say, not do...? Is it like Twitter and they've followed me and I've not followed them {I try, but if I've missed you just let me know and I'm happy to pop along}.

Now what happens when I'm away for a week?!?!?

Guess I'll just have to get over it and move onwards...


  1. I would suggest that they were completely overwhelmed by your domestic goddessness and that the beef bourg. threw them over the edge! Don't despair...we will hang around until next week. Have a FABULOUS time! Have a champagne and some sort of pork product for me won't you? I'll try and have a baby!

  2. You're a doll!

    I've found a butcher in a nearby village that apparently does a kick-butt pork belly roast - shall have that for you.

    have also packed a case of champagne- that should do for the week...

    And yep, if you can have that baby that'd be great! Look forward to catching up on my return.

  3. How many people left you? Was it just 1? Because if so, I can solve your dilemma - it was me! But not me...

    I'll explain. A while ago I did some tricky carrying on and switched my blog from one email address to another. I realised last night that I was now following all my blogs twice - under both email addresses. So I removed one! So I'm still following, but just once instead of twice : )

    I lost a follower recently, and figured out who it was. I was pretty sore about it, I can tell you! I wouldn't blame people if they stopped following now as I'm in a bit of a hiatus!

  4. Phew, that explains it. I switched emails with my blog too - maddening!

  5. It's weird isn't it - I also 'dropped' everyone when I went to - and I couldn't pick them up again, so they just go on my following list in my dashboard, ironically I can follow people who I wasn't following before. It's just odd!

    Don't forget people who down their blogs too!

    Twitter. Hmm I got an odd message the other day that basically threatenend to stop following me if I didn't follow them - I was like 'what?!!'. Strange.


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