Thursday, October 29, 2009

foot fetish

As I'm completely obsessed with the Halloween party I'm attending on Saturday night {costume, food, drink, cosmetics...} I thought these shoes would just be smashing - should Medusa wear Valentino.

I think I'll go with green fingernails {a really pretty Chanel shade} and black toenails - and go barefoot for a real Medusa experience.

If I were wearing these for reals though, I do believe that a bright pink toenail should peep out. You?


  1. I have an obsession with coloured snakeskin Rachel Zoe would say 'bananas'.

  2. I have a hot pink pair of cork wedges that I bought in Paris {name-dropping much?} that I adore. I die...

  3. I'm in a dark blue phase myself, but the pink would work, provided it was sparkly. :)


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