Friday, October 09, 2009

frugal friday

Being frugal requires organisation - something I've had darned little of on the homefront lately. However, because of that I've made a few make-do meals that've stretched the dollar further. One night we had salami and mozzarella pizza with pantry and freezer basics. I always like to have some lebanese bread in the freezer for ready-made, speedy bases. We've also defrosted a 'who-knows-what-that-is' meal from the freezer and served it with pasta {it was lamb casserole apparently}.

Because we're off on hols on Monday I'm working out where to spend and where to splurge. I'm taking the le crueset for a few yummy slow-cooked meals, we're also packing up our coffee machine to set up in the kitchen when we arrive. I'll fill water bottles to take in the car - along with a couple of snacks. I'm also planning on cooking a meal tomorrow and freezing it - so I can pack it in the esky when we leave and we'll have a meal all ready to heat and eat on the first night - just add veg!

We've also got wine and champers we've bought from Dan Murphy's to take with us - so we don't have the last minute expensive bottle-shop run. However, we will be calling into a few vineyards in the southern highlands to buy at their cellar door - that's a must-do experience.

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  1. Oooh yes, make yourself some kind of cupcakes/baked goods that you can freeze in portioned ziplock bags, they'll defrost on your trip!
    I made a meatloaf for our first night of our driving holiday and just picked up salad from local farms.. brilliant.

    Hope your UFO (Unidentified Freezer Object) is something yummy...! And if I don't catch up with you before, have a FAB getaway! xx


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