Monday, October 05, 2009

green fingers

Whew, what a weekend. Hubby and I went to Sydney to do lotsa test drives of new cars - fell in love with a few, out of love with others. We've now narrowed it down to Top 2 - and fallback car. Basically if we get offered a deal we can't refuse we'll buy one of the Top 2 - if not, we'll happily go with the cheaper fallback car.

This morning we went to the nursery on the way back from our inlaws and bought lots of pretties to fill in the gaps in the cottage garden. This pretty pink fleur is a pincushion or scabiosa and it's just divine. We've also bought some gorgeous blue delphiniums, marguerite daisies, pink cleomes and a few other odds and sods. My Mr is now out weeding, pruning and preparing to plant, while I'm working away - one story sent off, another to finish.

Our gal refused to leave her grandparents' today so we've left her to play for a few days - something she loves to do in the holidays. That'll free me up to work, so I can spend some time with her later in the week. Next week we're off down south with friends for a six-day holiday. Bliss.

I'm now starting on my thousand loads of washing - it's been days since I've done a load so it's been piling up. Where does it all come from and how do large families cope?

Hope you've enjoyed your weekend and are starting on a fabulous week.

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