Wednesday, October 07, 2009

green with it

I should be jealous of Rachel Zoe's bank account, unlimited access to couture, vintage wardrobe, front row fashion week seats, darling hubby... but no, my searing envy limits itself to one aspect.


I heart him.


  1. I totally agree, he is the real star of the show IMHO!!

  2. His Taylor parody last night had me in fits!

  3. How funny was he in the car rushing to some star's house and goes "Is that my boyfriend?" I love him too. Happy to have this back on air. What about those jewels? And shoes? Dear me...

  4. Oh Beth, the shoes and the jewels actually caused me to have a real-life conniption (one so rarely has that opportunity these days...).
    And, "is that my boyfriend?" was gold!


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