Sunday, October 11, 2009

holiday, celebrate

Oh I am sooooooo ready for a holiday. I've done all but the final read-through and edit of my last two bits of work, the house is, well, okay {thanks mainly to my gal and her bestie who cleaned her bedroom - and our bedroom - magnificently mind, and without being asked!}.

My husband's off with our daughter searching for the ideal pair of school shoes. Ha! Our daughter has very, very, very narrow feet - which usually mean only the most expensive of shoes will do. And usually they're Mary Janes with velcro - because you can make them thinner. However, she's keen on a buckled Mary Jane this year - oh, how I've passed on my shoe fetish...

So I'm now off to tidy the kitchen, throw on another load of washing and get ready to start cooking the lapin au vin after lunch so it's ready to take with us for dinner tomorrow night. As for tonight's dinner... well, surely I've earned takeaway!

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