Monday, October 19, 2009


See this tree-lined drive? That leads to one of the best holiday homes around. Spring Hill Farm is the perfect base for a southern highlands sojourn. Great chef's kitchen, ideal rolling views, the perfect array of rooms, and a mere country-lane walk up the road to Burrawang pub. Every afternoon the dads would take the daughters up to the pub where the gals played checkers over raspberry lemonades and potato chips, while the dads chatted over an ale.

On the Thursday night we mums joined in for the pizza night - along with every other family in Burrawang! We munched on Pork Belly and Potato pizza {Beth, I thought of you with every mouthful!}, chorizo and caramelised onion pizza - and swilled it down with a glass of the local Sauvignon Blanc.

Too damned good.


  1. Sounds divine! All of it...but particularly the pork belly pizza! Thanks for sharing x

  2. I wish I could have sent you a piece (sprinkled with chilli to get that baby moving!)


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