Tuesday, October 27, 2009

so eye see

I was just reading an hilarious post here and have finally decided to get my eyes tested. I've always had perfect vision, if anything, I'm longsighted {perfect for spotting street signs miles away - I was the original GPS}. But now, with the computer-induced headaches and eyestrain, combined with the fact that I'm holding my books progressively further from me {pretty soon I'll be propping them up at the foot of my bed}, well, it's time to get my eyes tested.

I think that secretly I've been waiting for eyewear fashion to change. Those thin glasses that've been in style for a while now look fabbo - on everyone but me. See, tiny thin glasses make round faces look even more moon-like. Not a good look.

I'll call for an appointment this week, and you watch, I'll find a divine pair of frames and sure enough, will walk out without a prescription...


  1. I'm long sighted - started wearing glasses when I was 30! Can't live without 'em now - I'm super dependent!

  2. Oh my freakin' godfather. I went off for an eye-test this week (Smurf went on the same day as well. No, we didn't arrange it). My Optometrist was funny - so, you know... it has to go into "A Grey Area".

    You'll look great in any old frame PPMJ. But how do you think 'One Basket' is going to go?

  3. Hey Chica!

    Thanks for the link :), but you may want to link it to this


    cuz right now you're sending your peeps to my rendintion of Halloween gone bad. :)

    And as for the glasses, clunky is in right now, you'll find some awesome specks and then we can save the world together!


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