Monday, October 26, 2009

monday's menu

For the first time, in what must be about a month, I've written up my weekly menu. I must have been out of practice, because it took me nearly 10 minutes - but it's done now, so here's what we'll be eating this week:
Monday: Meatloaf and veg {rainy and miserable today - I need comforting!}
Tuesday: St Tropez Chicken and salad
Wednesday: Steak and salad
Thursday: fish and salad
Friday: school trivia night - lots of yummy nibbles
Saturday: Halloween party so I'm taking red devil cupcakes and blood and guts trifle
Sunday: Roast dinner - lamb or pork - whatever tickles my fancy on Saturday.

Now I just need to shop. My migraine hangover's abated well enough so that I can drive. I'll call at the butcher before picking up my gal, buying the meat for tonight and chicken for tomorrow night so I can marinate it in a bottle of rosé, herbs and honey {mmmmmmmmmmmmmm} and then we'll dash to the fruit and veg shop up the road on the way home. Tonight I feel like Curly Kale - but I've yet to see that in Aus, so I'll have to satisfy myself with a big lump of steamed garlic spinach, green beans and almonds and, of course, mashed potato {I'll bake the potatoes and scoop out their mushy insides}.

What's on your table this week?

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