Friday, October 23, 2009

moody blues

I'm pretty sure that it would be impossible to be unhappy if you had this room to walk into every day. How seriously sumptuous is it?

I feel that way at the moment when I walk into my front garden. Roses are blooming all over the place, the grass is verdant green, trees are covered with leaves, and other plants are bursting into bloom.

Glorious stuff.

I also got stuck in and cleaned my study yesterday, which, embarrassingly, took very little time. I grabbed a box for recycling and threw most of the stuff in there, made other one-sided paper into a nifty little notepad, unpacked the piles of mail I had waiting, and tidied mags onto shelves. Now the room's looking far more workable - and I've got heaps more done.

There's still plenty to do around the house, but by making two rooms habitable {study and kitchen} it's all much more attainable. It's kind of like breaking weight loss into easily achievable goals - rather than looking at the scary big picture!

It's a gorgeous day today, and soon I'm going out with the girls for a quick dip. The water temperature is a balmy 26 degrees, so I'm going to get my swim on.

Happy days.


  1. I LOVE that room.

    One on the bedrooms in the new house we're moving into is turqouise. The BF's daughter has already claimed it and I can't say that I blame her.

  2. That room is gorgeous....I hope you are enjoying the weekend, xv.


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