Saturday, October 10, 2009

number 901

Hey, guess what? I've posted over 900 posts! Surely I can reach 1000 by the end of the year - how's that for a goal?

Anyway, that's not what I'm here for - I'm here about the pie...

Yep, that there, on top of this post, is last night's extravaganza sitting in a pie dish coming to room temperature before I lovingly cover it with puff pastry and bake it in a stinking hot oven till it's golden.

Now, last night the meal was absolutely to die for, so, to be honest, I'm a bit scared as to how fan-freakin-tastic it's going to be tonight. I may well require resuscitation... It'll be worth it though - don't you think?


  1. Wow, 901 - that's an achievement!

    That looks yummy. Wish someone would cook for me!! :P

  2. Congrats PPMJ! You are an inspiration!
    Ps. any chance of a recipe?

  3. Thanks Meg - the recipe's a few posts down - and worth every second of it.

    Yes, girls, I feel pretty amazed that I've reached 901 posts -can't say they've all flowed from my fingers!

  4. Oops! Just found it. Will give it a try tonight. Happy holidays!


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