Friday, October 23, 2009

on a roll

So, it's the pupil-free day and I have two gals just begging to be entertained. How to do it? Why baking of course. There's a fair at the school on Sunday so I'll get them gals busy baking sugar cookies. We bought a cute black cat cookie cutter on hols so think we'll make kitties with sugar cookie dough and ice them with black icing {yep, I do have every colour in the food colouring range in my pantry...}

We've delved into Nigella and found a recipe that makes 50 - 60 cookies. Perfect.

I believe that a spot of baking, followed by a swim, followed by a bit of telly and chatting will make for happy girls - and will hopefully allow me to finish off all my work.

Wish me luck!


  1. I've got black food colouring in my pantry too! Remnants from 1st birthday ladybird cake. Sounds like a fabulous day - have fun!

  2. don't even ask how many colours I have in my box of tricks!
    sounds like a super fun day, enjoy with your little gals ♥

  3. Mine's from last year's halloween party - green cupcakes with black spiderwebs!


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