Saturday, October 03, 2009

ooh fluffy

Should I have a black-tie do to attend, and an unlimited budget, this frock by Oscar de la Renta would be sliding its way onto my bod.

Seriously, feathers, on a skirt - does it get any more fabulous? Oh, maybe with Drew's red metalic shoes from yesterday...

It's the weekend, a long weekend, and we've woken to rain. Lots and lots of rain which has very kindly washed away any lingering red dust on the garden, our cars and our pale grey house with its white-ish roof - it needed a clean.

Tomorrow we're trekking down to Sydney to test drive a few cars. I, of course, have already fallen in love with the first car I drove - typical - I'm so easy. Luckily my husband is far more hard-headed and won't be seduced by a fancy new interior and shiny, shiny surface.

Enjoy your weekend my lovelies x

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