Friday, October 30, 2009

puppy love

I've always been a cat person. I don't know if it's because my starsign's Leo, or if it's just something that happened, but dogs and me, well, we never really got each other.

However, the other day I was out shopping and saw my neighbour {who lives in the street behind me} on crutches. I quickly asked what happened and she'd been competing in the masters and was in the first kilometre of a 5k run when her tendon in her foot snapped. Now, me? I'd be on the ground sooking, she? Kept running and won the race and the title. She's a legend. Now her foot's been operated on, but she can't walk her dog.

He's a beautiful big, black beast. Huge, but so gentle. So I've offered to take him for a walk. You know, gets me out of the house. I took him on Wednesday, but yesterday things got frantic, husband delayed at work, child with bucketloads of homework... So I called and asked if I could walk him this morning instead.

I turned up this morning and he almost wagged his tail off in excitement, then turned, ran back and grabbed his leash in his mouth running back to me almost turning his body inside out with figure eights of delight. I snapped the lead on and took him off and just felt his joy emanating from every pore.

Now I'm in love. Luckily I've got a few more weeks to spend with this bundle of black joy. Now I understand the dog thing. I get it, cos he's got me.


  1. Yeah - try and remember that love when he harks somethings nasty up on the carpet that he scoffed up on one of your walks...this from an undeniable dog lover :).

  2. See, I get to give him back, not find vomit in his kennel... Thank goodness!


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