Thursday, October 22, 2009

round and round

Every time I enter a room in my house at the moment I shake my head. Crap is just breeding! There are teetering piles of magazines in every room, piles of paper, washing that's screaming to be cleaned, or packed away, washing up to be tended to, odd things that have no home that just seem to accumulate...


Too much stuff, not enough storage space.

There's a fair at my daughter's school on the weekend and I'm seriously tempted to just grab everything that's not properly housed, fling it in a box and donate it.

Instead, I'm going to take an hour off work and get at least two rooms in shape - my study and the kitchen will do for starters.

Man, I need a cleaner. Stat.

Oh, and ps: this is not my living room. If this were my living room I'd feel duty-bound to keep it looking pristine at all hours. However, doncha think this colour pink would be ideal for my study? I'm sure I'd work better if my walls were such a pretty pink.

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