Thursday, October 22, 2009

school daze

I have a child who just loooooooooves school. When she's sick she'll insist that she's just fine and can make it through the day. School holidays {despite how many fun activities I plan} are the bane of her life. On the last day of school she'll stomp out the gate wearing both her cranky pants and her angry eyes.

So of course she was delighted this week to return to school. Beside herself with joy - until the note came home yesterday reminding us of the Pupil-Free-Day tomorrow.

Uh oh.

Luckily I'd organised a whole-day playdate AND sleepover with her bestie, which I thought would cure her ills. We'd take in a movie, maybe go ten-pin bowling, hopefully it'd be hot enough for them to swim...

So last night, as I'm putting her to bed, Miss-nearly-10 grumps, "Why does it have to be a pupil-free day tomorrow?" and I responded, "Oh well, at least you get to spend the day with Hollie..." to which she harrumped, "I wouldn't care if I got to spend the day with Santa Claus!"


Nothing's better than school for my gal.

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