Wednesday, October 28, 2009

shades of grey

Why is it that I find grey skies so romantic in Paris, I adore the shade of grey painted on almost any surface {including the exterior of my home} and yet give me grey skies in Merewether and I fall into a funk? I get myself some serious SADs when the weather's grey. I can't work properly, the house seems to fall into a slovenly state... Grrrrrrr.

I should be cheered as I just went to Spotlight and couldn't find any rubber snakes, so bought some black and some sparkly silver pipecleaners instead. I also bought some red felt to make forked tongues and red sequins for snake eyes. I've also decided on my make-up - lots and lots of green and long black lashes. As for clothes, I've ditched the idea of a toga-esque costume - too precarious. Instead, I'm going with a long black skirt that's covered in a lacy kinda detail that could conceivably look like snake scales-ish. Now, I just need one of those gold snake armbands to wind up my arm, then I'm set.

I'm going to make myself a damn fine cup of coffee, tidy my desk and then get stuck into all the work I've got due. Oh, and I'm going to make myself smile - that always takes me to a happy place.


  1. Overcast here in Australia blah...would so much rather be sipping wine in Paris too...instead I'll be putting washing in the dryer (barely containing my excitement).

  2. Sipping wine in Paris is always a better option - except when you're tossing up whether it should be champagne...


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