Saturday, October 03, 2009

the spiel deal

Now, we've only been out car shopping twice so far, and here's my advice for the 'sales'men out there {yet to spot a salesgal yet...}

• Don't let me see you squatting between cars having a quick ciggie. Gross.

• Don't excuse yourself and come back with another 'sales'man saying "I've just got to see a customer, I'll leave you with..." Um, last time I checked I was a customer.

• Don't start talking torque with my husband and only making eye-contact with me when you're discussing seat trims and parking sensors. Sure, I don't particularly care about the engine's capacity, but let's pretend shall we?

• When I ask a question either give me an honest answer or ask someone else. Don't say, "Oh, I don't think so" when I ask something, and then, when I press you to find out for sure say "No, we're not getting that model in." You know what buddy, there's an internet out there and I ain't afraid to use it. You don't have it, the dealership down the road will.


  1. I know very little about cars but when I have to deal with them, I do my research so I have an idea of whats going on. I think that most dealers/mechanics think that I wouldnt so they just assume they can gladly talk circles around me. Too bad for them!

  2. I actually know heaps about cars - when we had vintage cars I even used to service them myself. But these new turbo-charged, fuel injected thingies - eek!


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