Thursday, October 22, 2009

sweet next-to-nothings

I'm in need of new undergarments - but lordy, do I loathe shopping for the buggers. First of all, I could probably do with a fitting as I haven't had one since I stopped breastfeeding {and my daughter's now nearly 10...}.

If only I had the means, I'd stroll into La Perla and spirit everything into a changeroom. Don't you think that anything you wore over this bra would look sensational?


  1. I think putting anything over that bra would be a shame, dont' you? It's sooo beautiful.

    I looove La Perla. They have some amazing pieces.

    Not so much in my (G) cups. :-(

  2. Did you read about the current size of my ladies? Dear lordy me! At least they look should see the maternity bras they make these days I got some from hot milk and as Rob says - they are borderline racy!

  3. Yes, I went up to a G cup with pregnancy - Melissa, you poor thing, I can't imagine lugging them around full-time! Luckily I found a gorgeous, Italian black maternity bra to sling the damned things in - better than the nannaesque apricot stuff on over to those over a D-cup!

    Hot milk - that's funny!


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