Thursday, October 08, 2009

they're creepy and they're kooky

You know what I love more than a party? Nothing. Actually, no, I love a THEME party more than just a regular party. Which is why I'm utterly beside myself at being invited to a kids' and parents' Halloween party by a hostess who loves parties as much as I do {possibly even more...}

I RSVPd within seconds of receiving the invite, have already gone shopping with my gal to buy her a cute Wizardess costume and a pumpkin to carry her 'treats' in - and have put in my request for the food I'd like to contribute.

For the grown-ups I'm making "Blood and Guts Trifle" {sure, some may know it as raspberry and nectarine trifle, but hey, it's meant to be spooky!} It'll be boozy and bloody terrific. For the kids my gal had a suggestion - red velvet cupcakes - but as red devils. I think I'll be fashioning some devil horns from raspberry licquorice...

Now, as for what I'll wear. Last year I took the easy option and wore a long black frock and a witch's hat - but this year I've got time to plan. So, because I'm starting with long-curly-black hair that's got to be my springboard. Wait for it, I'm going as Medusa. Yep, with some wire I'm going to make some curls stand out and somehow fit snake's heads to the ends.

I also saw some cocktails on Martha Stewart that had me giggling - Pina Ghoulada! If not, we'll be going with the Absinthe and Champagne cocktails - death in the afternoon {so aptly named}.

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