Monday, October 26, 2009

wash day woes

It's still bucketing down rain today. As it was yesterday afternoon - after a threatening grey sky quelled my urge to wash all weekend.

But now I've got piles of washing. Washing to do that's overflowing in the basket, towels to wash piled by the back door, towels to put away still in the pavilion where they were dried, and clothes to put away teetering in the guest room.


The rain's forecast to stick around through tomorrow, so I guess I'll move the clothes line further back in the pavilion so the horizontal rain won't hit it and wash that pile of towels. While my daughter's doing her homework this afternoon I'll make a start on that pile of clothes, and when I trek up to the pavilion during a break in the rain, I'll grab that other pile of towels and put them away too.

As for the teetering piles of unwashed in the bedroom? I'll save them for sunny wednesday... I'm nothing if not an optimist...


  1. Good luck girl. There's nothing more frustrating than a laudry pile that keeps multiplying!

  2. Dirty clothes breed like damned wire hangers


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