Wednesday, December 30, 2009

birthday baby

It's my gorgeous gal's 10th birthday today. She's enjoying spending the day with her cousins and playing with the wii fit she received {as is her father!}.

I made Nigella's American breakfast pancakes for breakfast in the KitchenAid this morning - is there anything that machine can't do? Light, fluffy pancakes were the reward...

Once everyone gets sorted we're off to Blackbutt - a nature reserve a few suburbs away which features plenty of bushwalks and loads of native animals - something the British cousins will enjoy.

Then it's back home to make the angel food cake before heading out to dinner tonight.

Phew. Busy day!

PS: I just had to use this shot of my gal and Mulberry. He's a gorgeous cat but quite possibly the world's most unphotogenic creature. Despite having massive round amber eyes he always squints when having his photo taken. Luckily his fluffy tummy always looks gorgeous!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday! 10 hey? Has it flown by? Hope you have a lovely day x

  2. Yes Beth, hard to believe that I was in labour 10 years ago!!!!!

    Oh, and thank you madmother - I'll be over to collect it - wow, a pressie on my daughter's birthday!

  3. What a gorgeous photo!
    Have a wonderful day together!

  4. Happy Birthday to your gal! Have a great day!

  5. Happy Birthday to your not so little anymore girl. I hope she and your un-photogenic cat have an awesome day!

  6. Thanks everyone, a fabulous birthday was most certainly had. She came in and hugged up both and said thank you for such a lovely birthday - then she said her best present was spending it with her cousins. Bless!


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