Tuesday, December 29, 2009

blog business

I've mentioned before that I've found my blog handy for recipe filing and it's been a big help. As I've mentioned, we've got the relatives coming to stay today and I'd planned on a bbq for dinner tonight - but last night they went to my other sister-in-law's and had a bbq there, and I'm not a fan of doubling up.

So my husband suggested coq au vin and a complete french theme, which I got very excited about - until I realised that sister-in-law doesn't eat bacon in any form {I know! What is she missing}. Well obviously I can't make coq au vin without my lardons, so it was back to popping on the thinking cap.

Then I remembered Ina Garten's chicken pot pies - magically delicious little numbers that'll suit everyone - but then I remembered that I'd tweaked it. Luckily I did blog about it so I had to search through my archives to find it {thankfully I'd titled it damn fine chicken pot pie so it wasn't too hard to find...}

Is there an easy way in blogger to group topics? I'd love to do that with my recipes. Maybe my new year's resolution could be to become a touch more technically adept.

I'm making creme brullee for pudding - very excited to create this in my kitchen aid. My cream beauty had its first workout yesterday whipping up a rather delish chocolate cake and my word, does it make life easier. I can't wait to whip up the angel food cake and white frosting tomorrow. Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck with that Angel food cake! Delish! I had my first ever crack at Pavlova yesterday...and twas a disaster! I think I needed a kitchen aid to aid my pav...oh well. Can't wait to see some snaps of the finished product. Enjoy!

  2. Hi, Good to hear that you had a great xmas and are enjoying the festive season entertaining family! The chicken pot pies sound lovely!

    Re grouping topics, yes there is a way to do it. Click "Edit Posts". then click on the post you want to edit. You will see a field called "labels for this post". Type out each label separated by a comma. Click save. do this for each post. A list of subject headings containing your posts should display in your blog. Hope this helps! Please email me if you need any more help.


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