Monday, December 28, 2009

bloomin' marvelous

Finding just the perfect pillow to accessorise the bed, without looking OTT or just being damned annoying is a difficult task. So yay to my hubby who bought me this perfectly petaled pillow for Christmas. Obviously, being from Laura Ashley, it coordinates beautifully with my linen {um, also from Laura Ashley...}

Now, if that's not impetus to make the bed every day I'm damned if I know what is!


  1. Wow...that is a very large flower pillow. It freaks me out. But if it encourages you to make the bed...then i guess it is worth it :P

  2. See, my daughter thinks it's too SMALL. I, however, in an obviously goldilocks inspired moment, think it's just right!

  3. Actually Clarissa, I just checked the pic and I think it's the angle. On the bed it's a very dainty 30cm - in this image - well, it's more like a triffid!


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