Thursday, December 03, 2009

christmas decorations

If ever there's an excuse for some major frocking up it's Christmas. In my imagination I've been invited to a very swooshy ball - hence the Oscar de la Renta frock and the Roberto Cavalli shoes featured above. Nice, non?

Actually, we've yet to plan anything for Christmas - aside from lots of family stuff when our British relos arrive in Aus.

We've had our gal's ballet concert - glorious as always. We really lucked out stumbling on the best ballet school in town - Miss Heidi puts on a show like no other, without the many hundreds of dollars costume fees that other school's charge. It was a beautiful start to the season. Yesterday our daughter's school had a Christmas concert with each class performing an Aussie Christmas song - and wow, it was fantastic. Every single child threw themselves into their performance and there were many a tear of joy, laughter and emotion around the audience. Bless them all.

This weekend will be big. The tree will go up, Santa photos will be taken and we'll start on our first weekend of Christmas light viewing. I love visiting all the suburbs that are hotspots for Christmas lights. The dedication these people show just makes me all terribly teary.

But now I'm throwing myself into work. My mum and step-dad are here at the moment, so mum's going to do some housework that I haven't been able to do with my crippled back and my step-dad's working on some jobs outside the house. Woo hoo - I love me some getting-stuff-done-action {particularly when it's done by someone else...}


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