Thursday, December 17, 2009

festive footsies

Isn't this shade of green positively edible? These Louboutins may well be the ultimate Christmas shoe with their vivid green upper and scarlet soles...

With this, I may well go totally over the top {as I do} and wear the red satin dress I just saw on Penelope Cruz {will have to post that later on - it's to-die}.

First day of the school holidays for us - hooray - six weeks with a child who loathes school holidays with the equal passion that she loves school. Yep, created some kind of monster there... Luckily we pick up the English cousins on Sunday so that should soothe her somewhat.

My lunch yesterday went by in a blur - but what a fabulous blur. I was ever-so-blessed to work with the loveliest bunch of gals and catching up with them did wonders for my soul.

Oh, and after lunch I couldn't help myself. I called in at my old fave op-shop in Surry Hills. Ooooooooh baby! I found the most fabulous black frock and a gorgeous deep navy Country Road top {brand spankers!} You know what I love more than finding fabulosity in op-shops? Nothing.

Must get into work. Have two gals being dropped off at 11am, so will try to fit in a full days work before they get here. Will obviously need to supervise some swimming when they're here - or just let 'em loose on the Wii Sing-It {so cute!}

Enjoy your day x


  1. I would love that green in a dress...I already have a cute t-shirt in that colour. But not shoes (i am not a shoe fanatic like you)

  2. Yes, the colour would translate perfectly to a dress. And yep, shoe fanatic - that'd be me - hence the shoe of the week!


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